Broadcast Engineer @ABCNews. Replaced someday in the future by buggy software.

Things I Use:

@home and travel- Apple (macbook, mac minis, iphone, airpods, apple tv, homepods, CarPlay, iCloud Drive, Apple Music); Hey (email), Overcast (podcasts), Dark Sky (weather), Apple TV+, Netflix, Prime Video, Peacock (video).

@work- microsoft (corporate coms), google (team document collaboration), apple iMessage for live chat, Linux desktop for broadcast apps & control integration, mac minis to integrate apple services (tv, facetime), lots of broadcasting-specific hardware for plant design and integration.

@air- I used to fly Cessna 152s, 172s, and Piper PA28-140 Cherokees, and hosted the ‘Confessions of a Student Pilot’ podcast.

@sea- I do love me a nice long Disney Cruise, and hope the world becomes safe again real soon.